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At Sand Building Materials, we know that the success of your project depends on the quality of materials used in the construction of installations and features. When you source hardscaping products from us, you can be sure that we will deliver the highest quality products to you. Our staff is widely recognized as knowledgeable and friendly throughout our industry, so please don't hesitate to give us a call. 


We have a vast client base in San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley,  Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Orange County that source various hardscaping, masonry materials, sand, and gravel from us. The wide varieties of products you can source from us include:

Pavers, Paving Stones, Concrete Pavers, Paver Bullnose, Paver Edging, Decorative Walls, Rustic Wall, Planter Wall, Stone Wall, Polymeric Sand,  Paver Grates, Paver Lights, Hardscape Fabric, Mirafi Drainage Fabric, B.P. Pro Stay Sand, Techniseal Polymeric Sand, Techniseal Pro Series, Techniseal HP NextGel, Techniseal SmartSand, Turfstone Driveble System, Angelus Pavingstones, Belgard Pavers, Olsen Pavingstones, Ackerstone Pavers, Natural Stones, Flagstone, Step Treads, Large Flagstones, Natural Stone Ashler Pattern, Tumble Stone, Ledge Panels, Flag Mats, Wainscott Sills, Random Pattern Flagstone, Large Slabs, Natural Ledgers, Arizona Flagstone, Pennsylvania Bluestone, Sweet Water Stone, Multi Blend Stone, Crazy Horse Stone, Utah Sunrise Flagstone, Quartzite Stone, Sydney Peak Flagstone, High Desert Flagstone, Bouquet Cayon Stone, Moonlight Stone, Laramie Stone,

Mexican Sonoran Gold, Mexican Sonoran Red, Mexican Sonoran Bluestone, Oklahoma Bluestone,

Decorative Rocks, Black Mexican Beach Pebbles, Boulders, Cobbles, Glass Rocks, Lava Rocks, Fire Rings, H Burners, White Gravel, Landscaping Rocks, Pami Pebbles, Salmon Bay, Jelly Beans, Coral Sea, Rainbow Pebbles, Curran Pebbles, Mexican Buff Beach Pebbles, Red Mexican Beach Pebbles, Del Rio River Rock, Arizona SunBurst,Mexican SunBurst Beach Pebbles, Mexican Mix Beach Pebbles, Criba Pebbles, La Paz Pebbles, Sonoron Shiners, California Buff Pebbles, Montana Pebbles, California Gold, White Marble Rocks, Red Lava Rocks, Black Lava Rocks, Salt & Pepper River Rock, Topanga Boulders, Malibu Boulders, Santa Barbara Boulders, Golden Nugget Boulders, Sydney Peak Boulder, Moss Rocks, River Rock Boulders, Sunset Pebbles

Masonry, Masonry Block, CMU, Slumpstone Block, Split Face Block, Caps, Half Blocks, Burnished Block, Glass Block, Brick, Bullnose Brick, Veneer Brick, Fire Bricks, Split Bricks, Real Used Brick Simons, Real Used brick Labco, Real Used brick Davidson, Real Used clingers, White Real Used brick, Pre Cast, Garden Wall Sand and Gravel, 50/50 Concrete Mix, Base Materials, Wash Plaster Sand, Crush Gravel, Decompost Granite, Fill Sand Colton Cement, Riverside Cement, Spec Mix, Concrete Mix, Rapid Set, Rapid Set Eisenwall, Lehigh White Cement, Sak Crete, Silica Sand, Thinset, Lime, Multicoat Products, Pegaduro, Glass Block Mortar, Fire Clay Mortar Rebar Fabrication, Rebar, Anchor Bolts, Dobies, Wire Mesh Rolls, Wire Mesh Mats, Tie Wire, Metal stakes, Wood Stakes, Tools, Bosch Power Tools, Skillsaws, Imer Mixers, Wheelbarrows, Simpson Epoxy, Diamond Blades, Diamond Crack Chasers, Diamond Core bits, Ox Diamond Tools

Stucco, La Habra, Merlex, Parex, Omega Stucco, Canadian Structolath, Corner Aid, Color Packs, Davis Wire, Stucco Netting, Silscreed, Milcor, Poly Prep, Fog Goat, Santa Barbara Finish Base, Sand Finish, Cat Face Finish, Rough Texture, Building Paper, 60 minute Paper, Double Roll Building Black Paper

Sealers and Coatings, White Mountain Wet Look Lacqer, Chrystal Seal, Seal lock, Invisoseal, FoxFire Sealers 5000WB, Matrix Pro, Glaze N Seal Wet Look Lacqer Sealers, Duro Shine Sealers, B.P. Wet Look Sealer, B.P Natural Stabilizing Sealer, B.P. Enhancing Stabilizer, Brickform Liquid Release, Scofield Lithocast, Dayton Top Cast Surface Retarder, Alliance Gator Stone Bond, Pathway Stabilizer, Cure Treat, Form oil, Chapin Sprayers

Waterproofing Materials, Miradri, Multicoat Scratch Coat, Air Shield, W.R Meadows Deck O Seal, Foam Proctection Board, Liquid Menbrane W.R Mel Rol, Miradrain Rolls, Drainage System, Thoro Seal, Acryl 60

Artificial Grass, Turf, Landscape Staples

Solomon Colors, Brickform Release Agent, Brickform Color Harderner, Acid Stains, Gem Seal, True Tone Colors, Masonry and Concrete Colors, Mortar Colors,

Retaining Walls, Soil Retention Plantable Concrete Systems, Drivable Grass, Verdura, Enviroflex

Mexican Tile, Mexican Tecate Tile, Mexican Lincoln Tile, Mexican Super Saltillo Tile, Mexican Hexagon Tile,

Mexican Roof Tile, Bullnose Mexican Tile,

Plastic Sheathing, Visqueen, Tape, Rope, Muriatic Acid, Calcium Chloride, Concrete Glue, Acrylic Additive, Chapin Sprayers Pipe Supplies, Sewer pipe, SDR 35 Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Plastic Grates, Electrical Pipe, Conduit Pipe, Conduit Fittings, Filter Fabric, Drain Sock, Weed Barrier, Hardscape Fabric, Drainage Fabric, Sand Bags

Equipment Rentals, U Carts, Mixers, Skillsaws, Grinders, Wheelbarrows,


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